Queen of the Temps

from by Pan Astral



make it in the red and then you mix it in the medicine
down, she's down, she did it on the ritalin
denying the past and letting them all go out and in
she's down, she's out, she met him in the red can

can you keep a secret? she knows cubicle karate
she's down, she's up, she really doesn't need a hand
she'll make it far rubbing her belly, patting her head
she's down, she's out, she's getting on the road again

woman we're going and rolling in the hell of it
you walk into the room and nobody sees the elephant
she ties him to a string and then you get her on the ritalin
she's up, she's down, she never had a real dad

now can you remember back in the day when they called you red?
check out senator mccarthy, he's smoking on a cigarette
girl on the phone, queen of the temps, she is a hero
she's up, she's down, she's on the road again

take a chance
take a chance
she spin round because the world is round

she never was her mama's type
her daddy left when she was still inside
her eyes are like true blue sky
she'll make a gentleman out of a ferrel child
she makes it up along the way
she's on the run 'til her dying day


from Mary Can Dream, released June 9, 2012
Ryan Burnett: guitars, programming
Gabriel Otto: bass, percussion, programming, slide guitar, synthesizer, vocals
Michael Smith: drums


all rights reserved



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