Suburban Blues

by Pan Astral



released April 23, 2016

Kipp Koren - bass
Tad Lusk - guitars
Gabriel Otto - vocals, bass, guitar, synth, trumpet, percussion
Michael Smith - drums, percussion
Kyle Zender - bass, moog


all rights reserved



Pan Astral Denver

"Pan Astral is regarded as one of Denver's most visually compelling live acts." - Daniel Mescher, Colorado Public Radio OpenAir

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Track Name: Suburban Blues
a lover comes a lover goes a sun it burns a moon it glows so bright the light inside my head horizon line behind my bed of roses red and violets blue I miss our love and so do I

I laughed out loud in afterglow you know my feet always cold as ice it melts upon my teeth her crooked smile rivals mona lease is up the landlord's dead he bought my car and drove it up to heaven

wake up, daydreamer, break up with me

Jesus Christ piercing through a flaming flower girl who knew mirror image of the universe reflecting off my landlord's her suburban blues are third world dreams her angel wings are blowing me to heaven

wake up, daydreamer, break up with me
Track Name: She's the One
been seven months or maybe more
since she's been living on the third floor
he says hello, she says hello
his cigarette falls on the floor
covers it up with his boot toe
she doesn't know, she doesn't know

she's the one

she cut her hair, she cut it close
she got the sugar and the rainbows
from head to toe, from head to toe
he sees her come, he sees her go
her every move is so unbearable
she doesn't know, she doesn't know

she's the one

saturday night, she's all alone
can't get nobody on the telephone
she throws it down and hears a sound
he cannot move, he knows the score
was just about to knock upon her door
he turns around and goes back down

he's the one
Track Name: Gulf of Mexico
carry me, Gulf of Mexico
so far away from all I know
marry me to the current flow
the blue and green and Holy Ghost

my shallow love, she come and go
she sail the surface of my soul
marry me, Gulf of Mexico
I'll never leave you in a storm

all eyes on the horizon

way home, I am on my way

a light may shine but never show
a man may learn but never know
carry me, Gulf of Mexico
I trust in you to take me home

way home, I am on my way
Track Name: I Won't Be Long
no, I will not let it go
to come so far and just go home
there's a room inside of a man where no one goes
I dream of the day you're knocking upon that door

I, somehow, some way, will find you

no mountain high or valley low
gonna keep this river from its shore
oh, my love, how I will run into your open door

I, somehow, some way, will find you

there is no dowry, no white dress
we'll take our vows in the darkness
lifting the veil will be the first time that I see your face

I, somehow, some way, will find you

and I won't be long
Track Name: When Summer Comes
when Summer comes, the river runs again
I hear the music from the ice cream man
I'm making sparks, I'm making brand new friends
when Summer comes

she's up in the forest, my bird in the chorus
she's down in the ocean, my wave of emotion

when Summer comes, we watch reruns once more
we're walking barefoot to the corner store
we fire work, we body surf the shore
when Summer comes

maybe I'm up to nothing
maybe I'm late for something
maybe I let the sun in
maybe the Summer's coming
Track Name: Mile High City
walk on air above the street
Indian bones whispering
I let go of myself
moving slow in the heat
setting sun, kiss my cheek
through the frame of the street light

in a mile high city

oh, my girl, kiss me true
let the moon follow suit
let my heart be the fool
free to be you and me
we deserve the air we breathe
we let go of the rule

looking out, we can see
a thousand miles to the sea
build a fire, we are free
come alive around the flame
to the sound of a train
we let go of ourselves
Track Name: Animal
I am an animal behind a screen in a cubicle
well behaved and controlled
I am an animal on four wheels and a telephone
circle in a rectangle

I am an animal

I am an animal, among your ones and zeros
I'm infinitesimal
I am an animal, I was not made to be alone
I wait by the window
Track Name: You Need
you say love is free
how can that be?
for you, I'd lay my body down
all the boys you see resemble me
but I'm the one you push around

you treat me like your brother
you need to be my lover

in your one track mind
you'll never find the means to give your love away
where your heart may hide, I'll surely find
and I know all the games you play

you say love is blind
but I see fine
the little girl behind your eyes
Track Name: Snowflake
who is on the wrong end of the gun?
I think I've changed my opinion

Hallelujah, everyone is a snowflake in the sun

freedom, freedom, what have you become?
dull your heart just to sharpen your tongue

pull the trigger, now who's the one
under the gun?
Track Name: Sing For Me
sing for me with the air we breathe
sing for me
move the air

dance for me on the ground beneath
dance for me without care

all I want is you to be free

shine for me with the light I seek
shine for me in the dark

cry for me a saltwater sea
cry for me
fill the sea
Track Name: Dance
dance, you wonderful thing, dance

when you wake up, this will not have been a dream
when you wake up, this will not be what it seemed

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