Mary Can Dream

by Pan Astral

I was one in seven billion, searching for my family now you've come, innocent love my ears can hear, my eyes can see we are related, we're arm in arm, we are unarmed we are related, we're arm in arm in arm this whole world is turning all the time a revolution everyday in the sun, innocent blood is drying on the ground of it I am following the older horses they know the way back home all eyes on the king I don't know how he's holding on is it love or pandemonium calling us into the street I am one in seven billion I have no nationality
Lover there you stand with a ring in your hand days I've spent rehearsing this moment will you share my story now? all my plans on your answer depend will I spend forever in this moment? a diamond and a white golden band dress your hand like a star on the desert
circling birds pulling salt water air tuck me in to a blanket of sand and wind broken water, sons and daughters, only mothers know broken water, everybody comes the way they go we see through we are passing through each other everybody's blood is blue beneath the skin's cover lay your hands in the water again
deep call unto my deep out of the fallow, into the sea storm rising to the east walked on the water and lost my feet under the water again hallowed be the shallow shore song of a siren that called me forth a love song so powerful pulling me into the undertow love come over me and under my skin love come over me again
make it in the red and then you mix it in the medicine down, she's down, she did it on the ritalin denying the past and letting them all go out and in she's down, she's out, she met him in the red can can you keep a secret? she knows cubicle karate she's down, she's up, she really doesn't need a hand she'll make it far rubbing her belly, patting her head she's down, she's out, she's getting on the road again woman we're going and rolling in the hell of it you walk into the room and nobody sees the elephant she ties him to a string and then you get her on the ritalin she's up, she's down, she never had a real dad now can you remember back in the day when they called you red? check out senator mccarthy, he's smoking on a cigarette girl on the phone, queen of the temps, she is a hero she's up, she's down, she's on the road again take a chance take a chance she spin round because the world is round she never was her mama's type her daddy left when she was still inside her eyes are like true blue sky she'll make a gentleman out of a ferrel child she makes it up along the way she's on the run 'til her dying day
wish upon a satellite heaven feels so real tonight between the stars and ocean floor Mary dreams of having more we are freaks who have been set free by you Mary dreams in silver screens projecting out for all to see in the temple, upon the stage Mary can dream in Jesus' place
Candles 03:34
all of the money is gone your mom and daddy were wrong all of the children play on and all the money is gone all of her springtime is gone all of those magazines were wrong her love remains so strong and all her springtime is gone
ICU 04:34
I do see you like I see the moon from where I'm standing staring through the clouds, you kiss the world so softly lullaby to help me sleep to help me understand a moth that flies to reach the moon from where I'm standing there's a forest fire inside my chicken wired heart that started from a tiny voice, a tiny prayer
before I grow into a man I have an ingenious plan I'll build me a spaceship for one I'll fly to the heart of the sun shadows falling and calling the stars far as I can see shadows falling on all of the hearts far as I can see before I forget who I am I'll love you like nobody can oh darling, don't cry for me, love I'm off to the heart of the sun I'm seeing your face in the fire I'm shedding my skin on the pyre all cycles end up where begun so I to the heart of the sun so I to the heart of the sun


released June 9, 2012

All music by Gabriel Otto except
tracks 5 and 10: Koren, Lusk, Otto
track 2: Koren, Lusk, Otto, Smith
track 3: Burnett, Otto
Words: Gabriel Otto
Produced by Gabriel Otto
Mixed by Gabriel Otto
Engineered by Gabriel Otto, Kyle Zender
Additional engineering by Ryan Burnett


all rights reserved



Pan Astral Denver

"Pan Astral is regarded as one of Denver's most visually compelling live acts." - Daniel Mescher, Colorado Public Radio OpenAir

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