When Summer Comes

by Pan Astral




when summer comes, the river runs again
I hear the music of the ice cream man
I'm making sparks, I'm making brand new friends
when Summer comes

she's up in the forest, my bird in the chorus
she's down in the ocean, my wave of emotion

when Summer comes, we watch reruns once more
we're walking barefoot to the corner store
we firework, we body surf the shore
when Summer comes

maybe I'm up to nothing
maybe I'm late for something
maybe I let the sun in
maybe the Summer's coming

when Summer comes, we burn our clothes and swim
out to the island only in our skin
wait for the sun to come around again
when Summer comes


released 05 June 2015



all rights reserved


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Pan Astral Denver

There is a beautiful frame of mind that is exactly as you say and like a hat off the top of your head, this mist, smitten by moss, gives way.

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